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83000 Toulon
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Luc Bouery, multimedia director

I studied political science and a CFPJ reporter  training
Author multimedia, film maker, I produce films for more than 20 years.

My intense and intensive practice of directing, shooting and editing in a variety of areas, my passions for painting, music and martial arts give to my works their substance and form, which are my signature .
I like to use these skills and put them at the service of human beings for whom I work.
I love the confidence they have placed in me and the useful and beautiful trace that I can give them.

Discover, implement, transmit, give to see by a movie a unique and incomparable thing, attempting to reveal a certain beauty that is my goal ...



Complete control of the production chain, innovative technical, qualified players allow us to imagine and to realize with you an audacious strategy for audiovisual communication meets your requirements development.


Advertising movie TV & Web / Corporate movie / Company portrait / Reporting / Products & services video presentation

Associeted services

Graphics (logos, animation, 2d / 3d) / Direction Pad (writing, photos, graphics, printing) / Performing CD-Rom, DVD-Rom (cover design, galette,  authoring menu ...) / Dubbing


Captation / Live / Record / Multicam / Video projection / Broadcast


Documentary & TV report  on arts / Artist portrait / video clip


Photo Report

Culture & society, tourism.

LB 83 Productions

The company LB83productions created and directed by Luc Bouery is a historic player in the audiovisual production in Var , its expertise responds to your needs.
We must meet, build relationships, call.
LB83Productions rhymes with passion, that of the image , the gaze , that of the spirit. Between you and us, quality is a priority.
Find the images and words that just serve your goals. Serve, yes. Between the most simple idea - sometimes the best - and the subtle research that responds to the complexity of the subject , we produce exactly what suits you best: the film extent, that you'll love to show!
Advertising or institutional, cultural or philosophical , serious or funny, effective formula film .
For over 10 years the majority of institutions , cultural actors and many companies trust us department . At the beginning we worked well , but much less than now. We enhanced with time! We love our customers, they make us well .

Benefits LB83productions guarantee intellectual and artistic quality that rely on experience and references acquired by teams implemented. The technical quality of these services is provided by the level of technology and equipment selection .

LB83Productions is part of a network of companies specializing in digital communication.
This combination of proven skills promotes capacity sharp response , fast and affordable .


We tend to reduce listening to an auditory phenomenon, yet it is for the whole body.