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Gilbert Portanier Portrait

The life and work of Gilbert PORTANIER are one.
The film directed by Paule VAN GENEBERG and Luc BOUERY was born following numerous meetings and conversations in the garden, in the villa ANH YÊU EM in Golfe Juan and in the artist's workshop chemin des potiers in Vallauris.
Knowledge in the history of art, curiosity and openness to the contemporary world are only foods and resources for one who holds the rudder of his life without rigidity or laziness. This great ceramist who preserves the time of inspired solitude and the freedom of research, expresses an abundance of questions and answers.
From the angles of time, to the crossroads of feelings, intelligent bonds lead to the work.
From this source, from the spirit to the matter, passing through the heart, day after day, are born usual objects, rituals, symbolic or divine. These traces, daughters and alchemical threads of an art lived express a science of the chords of which this film transmits to us some keys.

The Gilbert Portanier Foundation will be born. With his wife Antoinette PORTANIER CHAILLARD we pay tribute to the artist who is celebrating his 90th birthday.
Hommage to his fervor, his tenacity, his intelligence and his will to live in art and by creation for happiness to exist.